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DHD SX2 Mixing Console, IKIM preference.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: DHD Audio mixing console, SX2, had been on air at IKIM Radio channel. The channel is transmitted from the operation site, located at Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM), Kuala Lumpur. The Channel name is abbreviated from its institution. The project involved of Main Control Room and two On Air studios, and the SX2 leverage up by XC2 DSP IP Core became the first prospect and preference to furnish what end-users needed.

IKIM Radio Channel highlight broadcasts based on Islamic education, to provide a genuine understanding of Islam to maintain the purity of Islamic teachings without the rhetoric or deviant from the designated path. Besides discussing current issues related to the subject and teaching of Islam, listeners can also be entertained by the music served by this broadcast which coincides with the concept of Islam. IKIM is also the first Islamic radio station to broadcast 24 hours a day.

“We have planned to upgrade our radio system after many years of using the existing system. It is time we propose advancement according to the gush of technology to remain on par with competitors in the market.” said Encik Shazril Sopian, the Engineer in charge of leading the IKIM technical team and the head of the upgrade project. He added, “We, the IKIM Radio technical team, emphasize the efficiency and effectiveness of the system that will be used later. We have done many comparisons and evaluations and found that the system offered by SX2 is very much in line with what is desired.” DHD systems have always ascertained operator-friendly, space-efficient, and easy to integrate with third-party equipment. The sound quality is incomparable good. “Our team, especially the operator, is delighted with the layout of the multiple sets of TFT Touch Screens, which displays adequate comprehensive information to configure and control signal levels. Flexible and manageable GUI plays a vital part in sufficing what comfortable aspect view to the user. The easy-to-operate system gives them a sensational experience during the live mixing session.”

The futuristic design and contemporary finishing make Mr. Shazril prying in SX2, and the console offers assignable buttons linked to adaptive labels in a dedicated display screen. The neat detail built can be observed from the dust-protected faders to the individual channel bar-graphs and main output metering. The best thing is SX2 is a modular type console that proposes a flexible layout depending on user needs, and it is easy to relocate. More than that, fixed installation can be done if requested, and do not worry, it’s reversible.

The modular mixing console called SX2 is for radio and other broadcast applications. The console size is adaptive and can be configured from 4 to 24 fader numbers. The central module has four faders and a central section for monitoring, talkback, and central controls. Besides, the fader modules feature six faders. Both modules come with a 10.1″ multi-touch display for faders and central control. All modules are separate table-top devices and can be mounted together as the module built with a chaining kit. It is easy to maintain and low in power consumption as well.

What makes the IKIM Radio system is up to date and follows the trend of the broadcast technology industry is they have already implemented the AoIP, Audio over Internet Protocol, which is Dante. This Dante facility is ready in the DHD audio system. This Dante architecture is flexible, reliable and easy to manage. From MCR, the Master Control Room signal had been sent to various locations, for real-time monitoring purposes. Primary and Secondary Dante paths are the primary transmission path, and the AES3 acts as secondary for the IKIM Radio setup; the best part is that it is switchable. The DHD’s APC Port is for audio, power, and control signals are consolidated into a single CAT6 cable.

STAGETEC Asia is the local distributor for DHD Audio products. The major upgrade work at IKIM Radio this time, STAGETEC Asia continue delivered an excellent job that beyond customer expectation. The project is associated with HD Solution, a renowned local system integrator in the AV industry also satisfied with the project progression that was going suavely. “We hope to collaborate again in the future project with STAGETEC Asia. Thanks for being responsive and conceivable to guarantee this upgrade is successful,” cited Mr. Haniff Aziz, the Director of HD Solution. With more than 20 over years of experience in this industry, STAGETEC Asia continuously keeps track of technology advancement and updates. “We at STAGETEC Asia are very proud to provide the finest service to IKIM and hope to continue it in the future. Not only do about business, but we desire to share beneficial experiences and knowledge related to broadcasting technology with customers. With this, we feel very close to them.” Clarify Advon Tan, the General Director of STAGETEC Asia.:

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