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Kelantan FM Upgrades Telephone Hybrid with AVT

From right Mr. Wan Azhan Bin Wan Hamat (Director), Mr. Fakrudin bin Hamzah@ Mohd Nor (Asistance Engineer) , Sr. Leong Tong Sing (Stagetec Asia Technical Director ), Miss Nur Hafizai binti Awang Ya (Radio Producer) , Mr. Muhammad Aiman Bin Yusoff (Engineer).

Kelantan, Malaysia: RTM northeast state radio station in Malaysia, Kelantan FM, has come a long way since its foundation in 1963. Initially, it was the first radio station that represents radio states in Malaysia. Formerly, the radio station transmissions for few hours targeted Kelantanese listeners. But today, Kelantan FM is fully operating from morning to night expands its frequency radius not only in Kelantan but to its border such as Jerteh Terengganu, Lipis Pahang, and even to Golok, Southern Thailand. All this operation is possible by broadcasting from full-fledged on-air studio facilities and a multipurpose Auditorium Hall.

Mr. Fakrudin bin Hamzah@ Mohd Nor (Asistance Engineer) operating MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid

A broadcast equipment provider based in Kuala Lumpur, STAGETEC Asia, has worked before with Kelantan FM since 2010 for a radio automation installation named Zenon Media. Recently the broadcaster needed to replace a Telephone Hybrid for its radio application, turning to Audio Video Technologies to provide smooth sailing telephone usages. Kelantan FM has most recently adopted a MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid, marking them as the first RTM radio station to have AVT solutions. The telephone offers a dual hybrid and three operating modes in one system with Analog/Digital and future prove with VoIP modes. MAGIC TH2plus offers Kelantan FM varieties of functions such as caller conferences and the possibility to store caller information in a database.

 Miss Nur Hafizai binti Awang Ya (Radio Producer) operating Magic PhonerSet

The installation comes with Magic PhonerSet, which enormously helps radio announcers to call and receive a crystal-clear telephone caller number via a touchscreen-enabled telephone. Miss Nur Hafizai binti Awang Ya, the radio producer, expressed her excitement in using the telephone set as it gave convenience in operating the Magic Phoner-set. He conveyed that the phone interfaces are simple, well designed, and are on par with mobile phones, which allowed anyone to use them right away.

Mr.Muhammad Aiman Bin Yusoff Kelantan FM’s engineer comment, “The straightforward GUI in the telephone hybrid has assisted engineers in monitoring and controlling the telephone system. Moreover, the system is networkable, expandable, and future-proof providing, more options for expansion”. In addition, MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid solutions have simplified complex tasks such as a live conference call. Mr. Wan Azhan Bin Wan Hamat, Kelantan FM’s Director, commented. “The “Smartphone” Set technologies continue to exponentially improve broadcast operation that gives journalists more freedom in handling live environment. Therefore, Kelantan FM is thrilled to have MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid solutions and Magic PhonerSet by their sides for fruitful years.

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