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AVT Audio Video Technologies was founded on 1st October 1996. AVT has been delivering high-quality and innovative Telephone Hybrids, Audio Codecs and DAB/DAB+ equipment to broadcasting stations and service providers .

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AVT – Digital Telephone Hybrids / DAB & DAB+ Solutions

AVT is a manufacturer of high-quality audio transmission products such as IP, ISDN and POTS telephone hybrids as well as high-quality audio codecs for IP, ISDN and E1 (2Mbps) networks. In addition, DAB and DAB+ systems are available for a complete DAB headend.

Telephone Hybrid

AVT manufactures Telephone Hybrids or Talkshow Systems that convert an incoming phone call into an audio signal which is suitable for the studio environment. There are typically three different line interfaces that are used: POTS (analog telephone lines), ISDN or Ethernet interfaces using the Voice over IP technology. AVT Magic Telephone Hybrid available in 4 types: MAGIC TH1Go, MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6, MAGIC THipPro.

MAGIC TH1Go Telephone Hybrid

MAGIC TH1Go is available in two system versions – as MAGIC TH1ipGo which can be operated via the LAN interface as one channel VoIP hybrid or as MAGIC TH1potsGo which provides one POTS interface and can be operated with analog telephone lines. As a special highlight MAGIC TH1ipGo provides already in the standard delivery version outstanding HD Voice (G.722) quality in addition to the standard 3.1-kHz telephone quality. Conversations from and to telephones which are HD Voice compatible can be established in 7-kHz quality – which means with twice the Audio bandwidth and with much higher speech intelligibility.

AVT Telephone Hybrid Series : MAGIC TH1Go, MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6, MAGIC THipPro

MAGIC Phoner Set

MAGIC PhonerSet enables the convenient operation of the MAGIC telephone hybrid family (MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6 and MAGIC THipPro) via a touchscreen-enabled telephone. The telephone can be used parallel to the Windows PC software or independently without a PC. The connection for the control of all caller lines and the transmission of the audio signal takes place via a standard network interface.

MAGIC THipPro VoIP Intercom System

The Intercom System is a DSP-based gateway, available in two versions: MAGIC THipPro 8 VoIP Intercom with 8 lines and MAGIC THipPro 16 VoIP Intercom with 16 lines, the 8-lines system can be extended to 16 lines by a hardware upgrade. The 1U device has eight digital audio lines (four AES/EBU interfaces) and two analog audio inputs and outputs in each version.

Audio Codecs

Audio Codecs are needed for high-quality Audio transmissions over different networks like IP, ISDN, 2-Mbit/s (E1) and X.21. Over IP and ISDN, both Leased Line connections, as well as temporary dial-up connections, can be used. There is a wide range of applications in which Audio Codecs are required, such as e.g. reporting, studio programme contribution and distribution as well as Studio-Transmitter-Links.

AVT Audio Codec series:  MAGIC AC1 XIP , MAGIC ACip3, MAGIC ACip3 2M,


MAGIC AC1 XIP  Audio Codecs offer a LAN-, an ISDN S0 and an X.21 interface. The systems have two analog audio inputs/outputs, which can also be used as a digital AES3 interface. In the standard version, the MAGIC AC1 XIP audio codec supports the G.711 (3.1-kHz), G.722 (7-kHz) and ISO/MPEG Layer 2 coding algorithms as well as the PCM transmission mode. Further coding algorithms such as ISO/MPEG Layer 3, Standard apt-X, Enhanced apt-X and AAC-LD can be activated optionally.

MAGIC ACX Dante™ WAN Bridge

The multi-channel PCM system MAGIC ACX Dante™ WAN Bridge enables the transmission of up to 32 uncompressed audio signals via wide area networks (WAN). The audio connection for the audio inputs/outputs is provided by the integrated 32-channel Dante™ interface, which has redundant GbE interfaces and of course, also supports AES67. The comfortable operating software allows the management of up to 10 systems including graphic surveillance and can be operated from up to 5 workplaces simultaneously. The front display of the system also shows essential information on the status of the transmission.


The digital broadcast technology DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a broadband system, with which several programmes (Audio and data services) can be transmitted from one or more programme providers in one Ensemble.

MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go Audio Encoder

The high-quality and professional DSP-based hardware audio encoder MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go is realized as a fanless ½ x 19‘‘ device. Both analog and digital audio interfaces are available for the input of the audio signal. The supplied Windows software allows the configuration of up to 40 systems. In addition to the usual PAD feed via the multiplexer – which supports all standardized services – the PAD services Dynamic Label via FTP or UECP and Slideshow via FTP can also be fed in locally on the device. In addition, a traffic announcement (TA) can be triggered very easily via UECP or a GPI contact. Finally, the Audio Encoder allows direct transmission of the program type (PTy) like Rock, Pop, etc. via UECP.


The MAGIC AD1 ETI decoder enables monitoring of the DAB transmission signal at any location in the ETI/EDI distribution network.

The system can either be patched indirectly to the ETI (NA, G. 704 and NI, G. 703)2-Mbit/s signal to be monitored or connected parallel to the signal. Optionally, the connection can also be made via EDI. In case of failure of the device, the 2-Mbit-connection is bridged via a relay.

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