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Brand Description: develops and manufactures digital audio studio technology for professional applications in radio and TV broadcasting studios. DHD’s support team is the backbone of thousands of twenty-four-seven operating installations.

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DHD AUDIO – Next Generation Radio & TV Live Broadcast Console develops and manufactures digital audio studio technology for professional applications in radio and TV broadcasting studios. DHD’s support team is the backbone of thousands of twenty-four-seven operating installations.  Our engineers cooperate closely with our international distributors to assist on site or from the distance with system configuration or problem solutions

Product Summary

DHD mixing consoles are the front-end control devices of the Series 52 products. DHD DSP cores are doing silently their processing work somewhere hidden in the machine room or in the studio, the mixing consoles provide full control over your desired workflow in every situation. Users can decide the layout and function of every single channel strip u to their requirement with the Modular Mixer MX and the Versatile Mixer RX2 or work with the pre-configured layouts of the Compact Mixer SX2 and the Desktop Mixer DX. Use the Touch Mixer TX as a flexible solution inside and outside of your studio.

RX2 - The Versatile Mixing Console

RX2 - The Versatile Mixing Console


Developed for the highest demands in radio and TV broadcast environments, the RX2 is perfect for modern workflows in on-air studios, main control rooms and OB vans.

A large 10.1″ touch display for each console section provides you with all options to configure a customized mixer layout with exactly those buttons, meters and settings you need. This makes daily on-air production quick and easy. This versatile console series ranges from compact sizes of 6 or 12 faders for smaller production units to big control-room consoles with up to 60 faders. All faders are professional-grade 100mm motorized faders with dust-protection.

SX2- The Compact Mixer


The SX2 is a modular mixing console for radio and other broadcast applications. The price-optimised mixer is ideal for on-air studios, audio workstations and smaller OB vans.Console sizes are adaptive and range from 4 to 16 faders. The central module (52-5614) has four faders and a central section for monitoring, talkback and central controls. The fader modules (52-5620) feature 6 faders. All faders are professional-grade 100mm motorized faders with dust-protection and allow a second layer for up to 16 channels.

SX2 modules feature a 10.1″ multi-touch display for faders and central control. All modules are separate table-top devices.The SX2 modules are designed for easy maintenance and low power consumption.

MX- Modular Mixing Console


The MX takes audio mixing to a totally new level in flexibility. There are many different control modules available – just pick what you need for your application. They fit all together seamlessly and give you the control surface you want. No matter if you need a mixer for a small editing suite, a live DJ desk, an OB van or even a large-scale main control room console – it is easy to tailor the mixer to meet all your requirements.



The TX is a multitouch mixing console with an intuitive control interface for daily operation at news desks, in editing suites and in SNGs.

Its flat table-top design, with a 10.1″ multitouch display, two assignable potentiometers and six hardware buttons, allows professional audio mixing on a small footprint.

The TX can be used with any of our DSP Cores as stand-alone mixing console or as extension for a larger DHD system.



The new DX2 is a fully functional desktop audio mixing device that can be utilized in a video editing booth, news commentary room, radio OB, and podcast studio—anywhere that has a limited amount of space.

The central module (52-1214) features four faders as well as a talkback, monitoring, and central control area in the centre.

The fader modules (52-1220) feature 6 faders. Each fader has a second layer capability and is a professional grade 100mm motorized fader with dust protection.

Consists of a 7.8” multi-touch display, the DX2 modules are designed for easy maintenance and low power consumption.

Placed in the smallest possible tabletop housings, it has the same simplified user interface as all prior DHD mixers. Each touch screen’s user interface is independently programmable. Compatible with all XC3 and XD3 cores, it also interacts seamlessly with other Series 52 configurations.

XC3 Core



The XC3 Core is designed for all on-air broadcast applications. These include modest DJ -powered studios with 12 faders or much larger control consoles in a complicated studio environment with up to 48 faders.


From a variety of unit types and features, a system can be assembled to fit your exact application and budget. 



The XD3 IP Core is the appropriate non-blocking audio routing matrix for current broadcast situations. A fully configurable with modular tailor-made system that supports various workflow.

Each XD3 IP core can extend up to four to five modules for a maximum number of faders, buses, and DSP channels added to the device.

Redundancy options availability where the two XD3 Ip cores work together. The main DSP core oversees the broadcast system, and the standby DSP will take over if required. There’s also built-in redundant power supply input to facilitate seamless switching between the power sources.

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