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Brand Description:

Zenon-Media is the world leader in the development of software for automation Broadcast solutions. The development of the software is fully controlled by Zenon Media and all software modules are built in-house. There is no external sourcing, therefore Zenon Media can warranty the software reliability for on-air solutions .

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ZENON MEDIA – All In One Radio Automation Solutions

Zenon Media ALL IN ONE Radio Automation System offers a solution with limitless features for radio broadcast usage.  Zenon media’s interface was designed for a streamlined workflow that prioritizes the user’s practicality and intuitiveness.  It was meant to transform and simplified the user’s task by given infinite options for feature customization. Users can set up their All in One radio automation system to fit their everyday workflow.


MODULARITY– Zenon Media offers different software modules that are meant for professional broadcast studio screens. The whole module panel proposes a large number of possibilities in radio integration given flexibility for users to customize a complete module for a radio station.


Zenon Media offers data storage through the cloud, reducing data storage on a physical desktop. Our data center located in the highest security location for storing and managing data. Most of our software for broadcasting can be used and installed on a virtual machine.


Zenon Media software modules support Unicode font, which can be used worldwide and personalized in any language.  The interface can be operated in English, German, French, Italian,  Polish, Arabic, Chinese and more.


Our hardware fault tolerance system ensures the on-air activity is still going on even unexpected faulty happen.

Visual Radio – Zenon Media able to put your Radio on the HD screen. The camera switching is done before the person is talking and the audio level is used to calculate which camera is used as a single input or in virtual view composed by several camera inputs. The concept of Visual radio is not to do a TV show next to radio automation, but to add some visual content to a “normal” radio show. The main goal here is to keep the Radio show running as usual and in the background, some visuals add can be added on and broadcasted over visual channels.

A Perfect Solution for Web Stream, Video Podcast, YouTube Channel, Cable TV Channels.

Zenon Media Visual Radio concept is video follow audio and not like on Video or TV show, audio follow video. No restriction is applied on the Radio show to be able to match video – TV-out, so the Visual Radio will not restrict any action done in a Radio show due to some video restriction or technical possibilities.

Zenon Media Support Audinate’s Dante

 Zenon-Media has successfully tested the Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard. With this Driver, you can directly connect to a Dante Audio Network for playout and record until 64 channels. No physically Audio card is needed, only install the Virtual Soundcard and you are ready!

 STAGETEC ASIA SDN BHD (formally known as Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup Sdn Bhd)

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