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Stagetec Asia Elevates Radio Asia 2022 Conference with Cutting-Edge Technology and Industry Connections.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The Radio Asia 2022 conference, a hallmark event organized by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), successfully convened at Kuala Lumpur’s Shangri-La Hotel, marking a significant milestone with its new partnership. The conference attracted a global audience, drawing experts and enthusiasts from across the world, including India, Nepal, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia. This year’s hybrid format, which combined physical attendance with virtual participation, allowed for an in-depth exploration of the latest trends and the future outlook of the radio, audio, and podcasting industries.

The event featured a rich program of sessions that were accessible both live and on-demand, providing attendees with insights into the latest technological advancements and innovations in the industry. As a key exhibitor, Stagetec Asia took center stage in the grand ballroom on September 5th, showcasing its state-of-the-art products and solutions to a wide audience.

Booth set up on September 5th, 2022

Highlighting the event, Puan Alias Maslina, the newly appointed manager of IKIM FM, showed keen interest in Stagetec Asia’s DHD SX2, an IP-based on-air console renowned for its user-friendliness and seamless integration capabilities. The exhibit also caught the attention of international delegates from India and Ireland, who were particularly impressed with the multi-touch display functionality of the DHD mixing consoles.

Delegates from Japan, India, Sabah, and Saudi Arabia booth interaction.
From left (Muhammad Faiz & Yap Wei Keong, Stagetec Asia), right (Peter Saxon, Radio Info Australia

In a special tour for Peter Saxon, Editor at Radio Info Australia, Mr. Yap Wei Keong, Senior Project Manager at Stagetec Asia, presented an overview of the company’s innovative product line, including NEXUS audio routing systems, DHD radio on-air solutions, AVT telephone hybrids, FocusritePro Dante audio interfaces, and RTW audio loudness metering systems. This engagement highlighted Stagetec Asia’s dedication to advancing the broadcasting industry through innovative solutions and solidifying its role as a key player in fostering industry connections and collaborations.

The participation of Stagetec Asia in Radio Asia 2022 not only showcased their commitment to technological innovation but also reinforced their position as a leader in the industry, capable of enhancing the broadcasting landscape for professionals around the globe.

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